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Intuitive Investments

Intuitive Investments

Private training seminar excerpt, 14 August 2023

When you invest in Intuitive Infrastructure, you are building that infrastructure — for your individual person, for your family, for your business, for your community, for your regionin a way that introduces Intuitive Toolsets into your and others' everyday experiences.

You might be doing this as a solo project.

You might be working with your family on the most important aspects of your survival and thriving together — your collaborative efforts, your building of income streams, your interpersonal relationships.

You might be building this into your business and marketing processes.

You might be building it into the way you manage your resources.

You might be building a project in your community to help interconnect more of your community members; to help one another directly to create abundance and thriving together as a community body.

You might be producing efforts that interconnect many locations throughout the region where you live; for instance, a network of food forests or recovery refuges.

When you invest in this infrastructure, you are inherently creating more of it where you are at… according to your individual needs and specifications… and the needs of your community and your community spaces. 

Whatever your priorities are for your personal strength and nourishment, for your vocational vitality, for your life force to be vivid in doing what you feel greatest meaning and activation in doing… 

that is what is needed for the success of Intuitive Infrastructure; for the safety and well-being and health and vitality of the living beings around you.

All the structures you interact with, all the businesses that you invest your resources in, all of the activities that your family engages with — these are all profoundly affected by the presence of Intuitive infrastructure.

And so, whether you are one of our Intuitive Fund Builders on

…or whether you have a different account; whether you are paying for that account with federal reserve notes or another form of currency; whether we've comped your account because you may be operating at the front lines of hardship in a way that cuts you off from economic participation…

regardless of any of these…

…you are bringing the resources that you have to the Intuitive network…

…so that you can then learn how we structure our trainings.

You convey what you learn into your projects, into what you help others with, and into everything that you build: for yourself personally, for your restfulness, for your recovery from injuries, from traumas you may have experienced — into the ways that you are in service, in relational integrity with all the living beings around you. 

Special thanks to Kim Barra whose care notation support helped us publish this peace.