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"What do you understand me to be saying?"

I am going to try to describe that for you here. Forgive me if I only get a part of it.

I feel like what you are saying is that you have thought deeply on the experience of 'disabled' people (or 'temporarily disabled' people) or people 'without economic recourse', and the trouble they are having with being connected and feeling a part of the collective, and having access and the ability to create an income that way.

The collective fails to see that 'their hands' need some attention.

They are not wise in their collective meanderings and fail to notice that many important things are not being tended to.

Because of that the collective never truly thrives because it is never truly whole.

We need to reach a tilting point where there are more people who realize this.

When we reach that tilting point, perhaps the actual good of the collective will be addressed rather than all this fake pandering and virtue signaling toward the disabled or temporarily disabled.

We should hear from everyone and then we will be able to address all parts of the overriding systems that are not working for us. Everything is connected. Don't leave anyone behind, don't leave anyone out. It's like working with no fingers, when you don't have to. You can restore your use of your hands.

Social media is controlled and can be taken away at any moment.

It can be monetized.

People who have things to share that are vital to our collective well being are not able to share. Therefore, the collective itself is never fully well.

All the tech stuff is great, but it's not the fix. The fix is natural and emerging, but stifled by crony capitalism. How did I do?

And I would like to add that us allowing the world to work that way is not a good example to our children.

Personally, I have HAD it with the ridiculousness in almost every area of life if not every area of life now; on levels never seen.

I am with you on that.

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This is a wonderful reflection, and so nutritive for me. Thank you so much! Yes, everything you've said here.

Wow, the difference for my brain function and information retention and memory access is so profound when others' reflections are brought in. And this is a particularly clear, detailed and resonant reflection.

It anchors me in the world with another person or with other people in a way that is unmatched by any other experience.

It is a great blessing and I'm so grateful for your comment this morning.

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