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P2 • Dialogic Imagination & Languaging Our World into Existence with Sol Luckman (27 October 2023)

P2 • Dialogic Imagination & Languaging Our World into Existence with Sol Luckman (27 October 2023)

Part 2. Stories shape realities; our wisest discernments facilitate transformative dialogues & powerful solutions. Revive your unique life energy!

Aaaaah! Part 2!! Here's Part 1, so you can catch up.

This recording of myself and Sol Luckman of Sol Luckman Uncensored was made on 27 October 2023. (Power-learner tip: the complete file can be found on Sol's YouTube channel.) My goodness, but it stands the test of time. This is deep process for us. Keep tuning in for more segments here on this Intuitive Public Radio.

Sol Luckman: "That is a massive thread in my book and my subsequent work as well — this idea that since we're having radically different experiences of reality…the idea of right and wrong and truth and good and evil, all of these related concepts… have to be shelved in favor of a very plastic, elastic, malleable way of understanding each other to allow for people in a dialogic environment to be having different imagined experiences of reality where real things seem to be happening to them."

The stories embedded in our bodies, occurring in and around us, are intricate and infinitesimal. Our material reality is fundamentally changed by our perceptions of and stories about it.

Rigidity and implacability are part of a set of stories we've been entrained in our whole lives; different points of perception may radically contradict one another.

Even our most uniquely emergent languaging, disconnected from others' stories about what that particular languaging may otherwise mean, manifests powerful world-building effects — as we in the Intuitive network have found.

There is no norm for us all to agree on, Sol highlights — unless we're establishing it in (true) relationship with one another.

In this segment Sol shares more about his past experiences of complex severe illness. I also touch on the Intuitive network's many years of documentation by colleagues who have been sick or injured where no professional resource would or could assist — because of abuse, suffering, misinformation and cult influence found in professional environments. 

We discuss how devastating it is to professionals and to all other community members when miseducation in professional networks results in the erasure of the most vulnerable living beings in the community.

Professional networks need not inhibit ingenuity and innovative capacity. Likewise, there is no need for this kind of anti-life influence in any of our communities.

We want to nourish solutions to the challenges every one of us faces in maintaining vital imagination and individuality.

Consider the ways the world will change when all community members — including professionals — are supported in being their very best selves, in service to personal well-being, families thriving, and everyone around them.

Knowing the challenges we have all faced, and are now facing… how do we ensure our minds and creativity are our own?

How do we ensure our choices of vocational investment support us to be fully individuated in our personal and relational power, to the profound benefit of our families and communities?

How do we restore our most naturally unfolding processes — and successes?

Life energy itself is relational.

Let's be the life energy.

Thank you for joining us! 

Check out Sol's recent book release, The World Cult & You, at this link.

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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio
Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio Podcast
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