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P1 • Dialogic Imagination & Languaging Our World into Existence with Sol Luckman (27 October 2023)

P1 • Dialogic Imagination & Languaging Our World into Existence with Sol Luckman (27 October 2023)

Part 1. Individuation & personal power free us from societal snares; respectful, nurturing dialogue produces generative collaboration toward a new world.

Sol and I had a great time returning to our broadcast conversations on 27 October 2023. (If you missed the previous one, check out Part 1 of our early October conversation about The World Cult & You. Then watch parts 2 and 3 also!)

The day we recorded this was Wind 1 Wind, in the way we refer to the Mayan Tzolk'in in our Intuitive groups, Star Clock and Intuitive Social Calendar… and today, unexpectedly, is 8 Wind in the trecena called Eagle or Birds. It's a special kind of cycle, that 20 days between numbers 1 and 8. And it's birdsong communications again!

In this first half hour of our conversation, Sol Luckman and I delve into the importance of language in neuroplasticity and neurological repair.

Language creates reality; verbal expressions and dialogue (with ourselves, with one another, and with the universe) make material changes in our bodies and the world around us. 

Sol mentions Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the Dialogic Imagination, which emphasizes the role of language in imagining and creating the world.

Language as a tool for individuation is especially relevant in the midst of a society that values controllable individuals and seems inclined to use our own powers for others' ends if we don't recognize our own powers for ourselves.

We talk about singing together to heal together and the making of sacred sounds that heal the body — as in the Regenetics method developed by Sol and Leigh Luckman. 

This is about language, yes, but also about sounds.

Sol reads a wonderful set of quotes from Ken Carey's Starseed: The Third Millennium, part of which he has included on this page at the Phoenix Center for Regenetics

"When you love fully, without reservation, you feel, sense, and move within love’s rhythmic current. The definition songs that pulse through your soul are free to call out the excellence of your surroundings. As you allow love to flow out from within you, you will remember things that you had forgotten about these physical realms.

You will remember that everything has a soul song that is at once its definition and its expression. You will recognize all that lives in this blessed biosphere ... as objectifications of your own melodies, and consciously then you will sing the Songs of Distinction, the songs that call forth all that appears in this planetary environment.

A sculptor can always use hammer and chisel, but if she can sing the right songs, the songs that speak the true names, the songs that go to the very heart of the matter with which she works, she can inspire that matter to participate intelligently in its own development and re-creation."


“When you perceive conceptions ... of yet unmanifest physical possibilities, you will be able ... to guide the molecular flow of appropriate substance into those designs ... Awakened, you know your human circuitry for what it is, a system of empathy, representation, and creation, designed to regulate and evoke biology."

I bring back the memory of an album I was introduced to through a conversation Sol and Leigh shared on their Porch Musings broadcast back in March — which I had misplaced the name of, and Sol reminds me that it's Gil e Jorge, an impromptu album recorded in 1975 by Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben, many tracks of which are found here on YouTube

There's much more just in this first segment: How we reclaim personal power and find community support for individual growth; how to break free of cult-like structures embedded in society such as in professional networks and academia; knowing language and dialogue shapes reality, how we navigate conflicting experiences and narratives; the importance of personal power, and the difficulties faced if we dissociate from those in need.

We can reclaim our power as individuals and in collaboration with one another; we can engage in meaningful, generative dialogue that helps us to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

We can protect our energy and coordinate respectfully with one another.

We can move through even the most challenging conversations; and we can walk away from needless conflict, re-focusing ourselves on creative and productive endeavors instead.

This is an amazing conversation.

Check out Sol's recent book release, The World Cult & You, at this link.

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