Thank you! I'm listening now while I make banana bread!

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Oct 7, 2023Liked by IPR with Mack Morris, Sol Luckman

This was...an amazing listen. Both parts. Looking forward to part 3.

I don’t agree with everything but no matter. Thank you both.

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Oct 9, 2023Liked by IPR with Mack Morris, Sol Luckman

I appreciated listening to your discussion for several reasons. I totally agree with the value of multisensory modalities as someone who works on literacy skills with students with learning differences, and I appreciate your encouragement, Mack, of Sol's audio-video books. I also like your discussion about AI and its uses and limitations. I used AI to create the cover for a book I published, and, though I had to do work to adapt it the way I wanted, it turned out amazingly well. I also really love your perspectives on highlighting cult programming in our societies and how most people don't know how their thoughts are controlled. Also, it was great to hear you unravel 'science' as an authoritative holder of truth, and how our own experiences are of utmost value in discerning truth and creating our reality. Thanks so much for sharing this discussion. I'm going to listen to part 3 now! :D

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