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Part 6 • A Guide For Learning To Honestly Apologize

Part 6 • A Guide For Learning To Honestly Apologize

Bad tracks we were entrenched in can become new tracks with honorable intention.
At Her Loom • from an art series by the mother weaver & Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • 4 March 2023 (Eagle 11 Serpent) •

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Part 6 • A Guide For Learning To Honestly Apologize

You know, most places it's not safe to apologize or admit having done wrong in any way.

Most people have learned from childhood that even admitting simple mistakes is dangerous and can result in terrible violence.

Yet, there are very different ways of handling mistakes, even mistakes that have become entrenched over time.

When we practice attuned communication with one another (PLAY PRACTICE!), it gives us a litmus for building incremental trust that can never be substituted with anything else.

Perpetrators of hidden violence are often taught to fake this kind of trust-building. It's difficult for them to keep it up without being confused or disarrayed by the resonance of love that expands in the midst of people demonstrating care and respect.

This can present challenges for them, but only because they've never been given really good Intuitive theater resources to practice with.

There is a pivot point you may come to notice -- where although you were influenced to apply pressure tactics or abuse methodologies in order to gain control, you have the option to shift your energy toward what honors and expands that same love energy.

Even if you have spent a lot of time organizing yourself for deception... the love you express doesn't have to be pretend.

It can begin healing you from wherever you're at, when you choose to let it.

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