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True Communications

True Communications

Has communication occurred? ...Is there more to learn?

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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio is your wild & wondrous concierge introduction to the Intuitive Network — public media by-and-for our worldwide collective of Intuitive Invisibles. These survivors of severe disability, human trafficking, and related forms of invisible violence have stories to tell that you haven’t heard yet. Come closer; learn with us. Share this post & our substack with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to increase resilience & resourcing for every body. Gratitude. Blessings!


One of the things I notice a lot these days is how my environments through my life have been significantly entrained to pass judgment before knowing much at all about who is speaking, what language they're using, the context of their communications, or what is their intended meaning.

This was not all my environments... but as I grew older, I did notice this problem becoming much more widespread.

Especially now, when trauma is so ubiquitous and intentional traumatization toward conflict is seeded in community spaces by those who seek to control popular economics...

...we must prioritize respectful relationship with all whom we wish to accurately interpret.

Without that relationship -- without knowledge of the language and context of communications -- any judgments we make are based on little to nothing.

Human trafficking interests, perpetrator networks, and predatory opportunists want you to jump to conclusions.

They want you to misunderstand one another, get triggered, make fear-based assumptions, reject challenging or uncomfortable dialogues, and choose only what feels like the safest, socially approved option.

But marketing manipulation fabricates the feeling of safety and social approval where they don't necessarily exist.

In fact, there's big money in it.

How can we know one another better?

How can we exercise patience, kindness, and respect for one another's unique languaging and lived experiences?

How can we create the truer safety of relational integrity and collaborative fluency in our interactions with one another?

How can we attune with other living beings and really learn deeply about the world we're in -- even when what we learn can at first seem unsettling or scary?

We build the most beautiful successes when we are authentically communicating.

My own ability to communicate is sometimes too slow to avoid others misunderstanding me, or jumping to conclusions about something they think I mean. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience.

This is too important to me to only say it meekly.

I want to say it boldly, with passion and clarity.

So today, I'm practicing.

Accord others the time and consideration to allow them to communicate completely what they seek to communicate... or admit your own uncertainty about what they're saying.

Be humble about what you don't really know yet.

Life is worth brave learning.