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What is the Intuitive Network?

What is the Intuitive Network?

Short form introductions & storybeings; joyously multiplied

After writing a concise summary related to the previously mentioned private project process around fir trees, it took me some moments to realize that it could also be an excellent introduction to the Intuitive network.

It is sure spot-on.

Revitalize collective resilience through relational integrity.
Celebrate communities flourishing by meeting our
greatest challenges with care and courage.

Still, there’s more to our communications about the Intuitive network that need to be simmered in; slowly, gently stirred; infused with prayers and song; loved, enjoyed, and entered into the family recipe book.

In addition to the message above, what are our most simple, direct, short-form introductions to the tremendous, multi-faceted vitality of the Intuitive Public Radio Network?

In each new flow, there are poignant opportunities.

For years of working toward succinctness on this most challenging of subjects — my skills at succinctness having been radically interrupted by injury conditions — I have identified some different possible approaches to this very question.

I can say it outright, in plain language that shows (or attempts to show) the vivid complexity of what we have on offer.

This means saying it in many different ways, depending on who I’m engaging with — because our offerings can be quite different for different people and organizations.

One might be:

Intuitive Network bridges diverse lived experiences to facilitate meaningful dialogue and attuned relational integrity, improving life and work for all participants.

Our process and infrastructure empower transformative collaborations, deepen social fabric, and regenerate nourishment while strengthening families and communities.

Here is another:

Intuitive Network activates expanded creativity, enhanced learning experiences, supercharged healing, and previously unforeseen vocational proficiencies.

Our approaches to recovery from severe, long-term trauma and physical disabilities increase capacities for individuals, families, and the whole community.

And, starkly:

Intuitive Network coordinates care, situational solutions, and life-long relationship-building for severely disabled survivors of invisible violence who could not find help anywhere else.

Our communications toolsets and community infrastructure promote deep-seated well-being, eliminate human trafficking pathways, and facilitate vocational recoveries toward professional income-generating platforms for survivors who were otherwise abandoned and excluded from society.

This is just three more; but it might go on and on.

There are many of us working on this (most very severely disabled), striving toward effective communications; and a large number of smaller individual projects to feature.

Our diverse interactions with individuals — all with the necessity of direct, most personally-relevant languaging — can have a great deal of depth and intricacy.

But I have noticed that a way I and others have especially longed to introduce our work seems to be another thing entirely.

What I really want, most of the time, is to herald the storybeing.

Blessings, storybeing! I see you there.

Do you see me?

Intuitive Network is a story in which — even now — you are participating.

   What part of the story would you like to write today?

Ahh. Yes. That’s a relief.

That’s what I wanted to say, really.

Thank you, all you friends and collaborators who are with us — writing this story.