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236 • Intuitive Actual Economic • Two Points' Parlay (1 March 2024)

236 • Intuitive Actual Economic • Two Points' Parlay (1 March 2024)

Johanna O'Tigham joins us to celebrate the complete, courageous, interconnected collective body.

On Saint David's Day, 1 March 2024, Johanna O'Tigham and (Max, Mack, Metta, Mo) Megan Elizabeth Morris sat down for a relief-recovery story-sensing session — and right on space-time.

In this earnest issue, episodic, our community co-hosts highlight the work of Intuitive Actual in collaboratively organizing these first two crucial points of Intuitive Economic… with a brief taste of the third and most detailed point, to be more thoroughly explored in the upcoming release of our subsequent recording session.

A note concerning en-title-meant: There was some deliberation over whether to spell it "parlay" or "parley"; for sure we are bringing our won-resources to an expanded bet; for sure we are bridging dialogues between diverse parties oft-conflicted.

Daring adventure. What a gambol!

Even without oft-assumed memory circuitry, our story is bustling.

Intuitive Actual Economic • Program Notes

Point 1 • The more constituents who are missing from the collective body, the more challenging it is for the collective body and its individual members to succeed individually and as a community.

Example: How well can you walk without one leg? How well can you evaluate the safety of your environment without your eyes, ears, or nose?

Point 2 • The more constituents who are missing from (invisibly deteriorating, experiencing compounding burdens in & to) the collective body, the more difficult it is for individuals and groups (including families) to thrive economically.

Example: When we are all interconnected as part of the economy, compounding disaster and destruction that is not recognized and appropriately addressed by the collective body becomes a concentrated burden upon those in its vicinity, especially those who are already invisible, disabled, multiply-marginalized, survivors of personal and/or multi-generational trauma, and/or severely affected.

It has been a whole year (and thensome) since our original Intuitive book launch in Springtime '23. These pages are fuller and deeper than ever they were before.

Watch this content stream closely for new news, metafictions, dream travel, and our fanciest dance steps in imaginal realism.

Tune your receiving transceivers toward the upcoming Intuitive Actual Economic • Point Three, soon to be released into the great public wilderness of popular social dialectic.

Dear beloveds, hang strong with us this little while — then stay.

You honor us utterly.

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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio
Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio Podcast
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