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Beautiful conversation! Loved the body metaphor and took it into my experience of my body to validate. Recognized myself in my predatory aspect- the kill it when it's dying or chew it off when it's rotting and in my dissociation/cringe around disability and active predatory feeding on vulnerable populations. yuck. and that's where we are. The "services" are now harvesting centres for the corporate corruption to feed itself on. Hard to look at that. And to look death in the face and integrate it. AND so creative and enlivening to presence it brings that flow of information that is so healthy and authentic. I heard you both, together and I felt something shift. Looking forward to Part 2. Was thinking in terms of systems, like Haramein, Connected Universe Systems and what I'm gnowing in my relationship with my body is that the interactions are the key. and the neutrality. When a system can interact with another system in coherence and balance and harmony there's a sustainability achieved that's effortless and self perpetuating and alignment guides and informs movement. The other thought I had was what you're described in terms of a system that is broadcasting inclusion while it is actually excising and executing protocols and gaslighting you in the process because they're not organized around providing care but deeply invested in the inversion of it is the relationship most of us have with our own bodies. We make up all kinds of stories about what our bodies need, what we should do with them, where they should go and how they should get there and whether they should be allowed pleasure and privileges or just exercise. And we implement those protocols on our bodies in all their unconditional love and surrender. Sounds like jail and I lived there until recently. My curiousity and excitement is around how workable, available that is within our body/mind relationships within our own systems and how that reverbs out. In the connected universe there is infinite scale so when we're talking one body or community, they're just different scales of the collective, different frequency of flow and it is ALL connective and a solution of self connection to relationship with your own body beyond external force or control in it's implementation and mechanism or indeed Nature, that reverbs out in the world and informs all systems at all scales.

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