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Cheryl Anne Ruebner — @mendingmoon on Substack — shared a portion of quoted text from my narrative in this morning's broadcast (thank you Rue!)...

"Building true relational integrity, not only with each other, but within our bodies...

We found people who had been trained in ways that erased our experiences...it was years of this...

but we were able to anchor a true recovery trajectory.

It really takes a lot to start to come back from this sort of thing: awareness and connectivity to even believe in the possibility of somatic recovery, my living body, my sacred physiology.

This is Intuitive Economic... the most important work we could possibly be doing."

Original link Rue posted: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid0gUc6JKzcGenxpzGfPPNQdZr5cHccaLcJUSmpnqmzaMPkHHNbzsjGcFSzfuGasK2Kl&id=100080419654352 💖

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