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Storybeing 3 • Dream Travel, Market Income • Call & Response (03:31 AM, 14 August 2023)

Storybeing 3 • Dream Travel, Market Income • Call & Response (03:31 AM, 14 August 2023)

Ask the question; dream the solution. What answers are you seeking?

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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio is your wild & wondrous concierge introduction to the Intuitive Network — public media by-and-for our worldwide collective of Intuitive Invisibles. These survivors of severe disability, human trafficking, and related forms of invisible violence have stories to tell that you haven’t heard yet. Come closer; learn with us. Share this post & our substack with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to increase resilience & resourcing for every body. Gratitude. Blessings!


This Wilderness of Self-Acceptance • from a series by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris in collaboration with Midjourney AI • 29 June 2023 (Long Good Road 12 Dark House) • find this peace in the Intuitive Gallery at:

“Creating income streams
…for people who do the work
…most directly in service
…to populations totally cut off from economic participation
…(in other words, people who can never pay them)…
…how one conceives of those business models
…and how one effectively markets them.”

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We’re glad you’re here. Welcome to episode 191.

A call in the darkness.

I know that  I do brilliant work.

And because of ongoing severe crises, physical violence, and resulting disablement of me and others… we have been conditioned to be in a place where we need to bring in resources, we need to exhibit our economic prowess by flowing income, but we have been cut off from it so long that it freezes us in a panic of having to ask for what we need without being able to connect… in those moments… our inherent expertise.

When income is needed on an emergency basis, it makes a lot of sense to me that an answer is the Remembrance practice.

And yet I need to ask this question.

I and we need relational answers to it.

More and more people are finding themselves in this kind of position — where if money doesn't come in, people die.

That's the kind of pressure we're under when we are considering how to handle our marketing.

Dream travel response.

There's something you are learning from this experience that no one else has; and that's the reason you're experiencing it.

The challenge to the neurology feels impossible because there hasn't been enough collective neurology grown about this yet.

When you grow that neurology for yourself, you also inherently grow that neurology for the collective. Because you are growing it, more people increasingly can access it in different ways from different positions — maybe not even knowing it.

Because you confront this seemingly impossible challenge with faith and love and a belief in yourself and others, you make solutions possible… not only for yourself, but also for one another.

It is terrifying, yes. That is legitimate.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing and admitting that.

Let us celebrate gratitude for the gifts of it, even before feeling the sense of having received them — because being in this position inherently means those gifts are already unfolding.

And this experience is part of that story: creating income streams for people who do the work most directly in service to populations totally cut off from economic participation (in other words, people who can never pay them); how one conceives of those business models, and how one effectively markets them.

You are experiencing a story that many other people are experiencing.

You already have the collective leverage of dreaming the solution. Indeed, this is already happening. It's the only way you can have asked the question.

When you share your portions of this story and you invite more others to step into this story from their own unique positions, you expand everyone's opportunities to recognize the power and value, the nourishment and strengthening, of recognizing ourselves and one another as part of that greater story where it's been conspicuously difficult to be in service to the most severely affected populations, to the most severely disabled survivors of invisible violence.

Your leverage is indicated particularly in that you ask these questions — as many, many people have been conditioned to believe that it's not possible to have a stable income in service to these most severely affected populations.

You are inherently creating new and different outcomes.

As you share about your experiences, you are creating the answers to your question.

Open to this magic.

Your existence… your fears, your pain… your diligence and perseverance… are crucial to the becoming of the universe that makes new and amazing possibilities.

We must believe in the energy of the victories we are already beginning to experience together because we are willing, and because we activate the courage to ask those questions in the first place.

Every question has its answers that live within it.

That's why it's so powerful to be asking it.

We have only been traumatically conditioned to think we might be asking questions that aren't answerable… or that waste our time… or that aren't useful.

Don't get caught in that.

It's another story; one that was written to create a reaction effect where you would realize eventually you had been misinformed…

…to then allow you to proceed very differently than before.

Engage with this change in your body.

This quest is worthy.

Let the nourishment of it fill all your cells of all your selves.

And celebrate gratitude for the unfolding of your unique and amazing story.