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How To Record With Intuitive Public Radio (Radio Pública Intuitiva) on Telegram Messenger

How To Record With Intuitive Public Radio (Radio Pública Intuitiva) on Telegram Messenger

Read on to learn asynchronous broadcast recording skills. It's useful, fun, and easy once you get the hang of it. Come make media with us!
Record with us on Telegram Messenger. Visit us at & say hello! Introduce yourself & your projects. Get involved in our collaborative public media broadcasts & community publishing. We’d love to learn your languages.

Greetings friends! 

Max here -- narrating this collaborative, community-coordinated instructional document.

The following instructions apply to conversations in our public broadcast channels on Telegram messenger.

It's good to remember that these instructions also apply -- with small changes -- to our private group broadcasts in private chat spaces on Telegram messenger.

If you have questions about this process, reach out to for assistance.

Preparing for the Recording Session 

Live broadcasting:

All of this, even as we record together, is a live broadcast when recorded in public spaces (whether that space is a public channel or a public chat).

Look for the 🔊 icon that signifies a public channel or public chat. (Look for the 🔒 icon that signifies a private chat or workspace.)

Everyone in our public spaces is encouraged to immediately amplify public posts to other platforms as part of our methods in Intuitive infrastructure.

Even in private spaces, we are making a live broadcast to a smaller select audience, with limitations on the sharing of those broadcasts to spaces that haven't been discussed yet by the broadcast group.

There is usually -not- a collaborative editing process when we record and publish together using public spaces on Telegram.

Even with private broadcast recording, we usually do not have a collaborative editing process; we do not have sufficient support for the ideal collaborative editing process at this time.

When edits are made, it is almost always because that is a crucial change needed to get the most significant and necessary parts of the content out in public where we can do the most good in helping network community members address continuing and severe emergency situations.

We do our best to keep you updated on how we proceed. 

We appreciate your patience with our process, especially in light of the severe compounded disabilities we are all experiencing even as we coordinate this work to support our communities.

Audio export:

For ensuring we can export audio successfully in the order the messages are added, it's important that we use the regular audio messaging function on Telegram consistently for the length of that broadcast.

Telegram exports save regular audio voice messages in a different place than it saves uploaded audio files.

If we need to use a different app to record our messages and upload them as files to Telegram, we want to make sure all our messages happen that way consistently -- so that they will be in the correct order in the export.

Feel free to make shorter, more numerous audio messages (rather than longer fewer audio messages) to ensure that your audio content is uploaded successfully to the channel over your internet connection as you continue sharing.

Attuned Microphonics: 

Microphones of participants are typically turned on during recording prep, remain active during broadcast recording, and are turned off after broadcast recording is completed. 

Sometimes there may be multiple sessions where your mic is  turned off while others coordinate a different part of the conversation, and then your mic will be restored for your next message recording set.

When microphones are left on continuously, it is usually because of a specific support need or because we don't have the means to turn the microphones off at the time that would be most appropriate.

We continue to work with this as best we can -- and appreciate continuing dialogue to coordinate best outcomes for everyone participating.

Time Commitments & Scheduling: 

How much time should each of us commit to this process, and when?

It's good to plan to tune in once or a few times a day in the first few days; then we may have longer breaks while other parts of the recording are happening.

Intuitive toolsets on Telegram messenger allow us to connect and collaborate asynchronously, which means that you might be leaving your messages while I am working on another project or out of contact for a day, and then I may be leaving my messages when you are otherwise occupied. 

We find one another every day or every few days -- then we update our current broadcast recording conversations where it is most easy and convenient for us to do individually.

When you return to the conversation, it's helpful to review some of the previous messages so that your next step in the conversation can be helpful to conveying your most important points.

If you're not sure where we are in this process, you can always ask me questions via so that I can help you re-orient.

Broadcast Recording 

0. We plan our topic ahead of time to be broadcast in a particular public space on Telegram messenger.

We may leave that conversational topic open to explore in whatever way we feel best while recording, or we may write down specific questions to guide our broadcast content.

1. I introduce our conversation in that public space by sharing what Intuitive groups are working on moment-to-moment about our chosen subject.

Then I ask you a question that allows you to introduce yourself.

2. You record your introductory response directly in that space when you're ready.

Include any additional detail you feel moved to offer in the public broadcast channel. 

Signal me when you're finished recording your response -- then I will say more or ask a question, and give you a signal when it's time for you to record again.

Notes on making an introduction:

Introduce yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you. 

Feel free to include references to your work where it can be found on the internet -- or anything else that comes up for you that you'd like to share.

There's no need to fit everything you can think of into your introduction, because we can make additional introductions in the network in different ways that follow this one.

We're glad to meet you and grateful to have you as part of our conversations. :-)

3. We switch off every now and then, letting the other know when we're finished responding.  

We record a little bit here and there, maybe once or a few times a day, for several days. 

This is how we use asynchronous communication to build broadcast recordings.

4. I coordinate with other participants to help them join us in the broadcast.

This often means I may include Johanna, if she's available during the time we're recording, and others who may be interested and available to add to our conversation. 

5. When we get to a good wrapping up point, I close the conversation. 

Even if you've mentioned it already as part of your introduction, I prefer to include your platform or contact information as part of our wrap up so that community members can find and support your work after the broadcast.

6. I export the audio we've shared in that public broadcast channel to a single audio file to be promoted on platforms beyond Telegram (like Substack).

We do our best to avoid any editing process, so that we can get the content to additional platforms as quickly and effectively as possible.

7. We all share the Substack link with friends and colleagues who may be interested to know about it.

We encourage you and all others to add hearts and comments to that same Substack post, especially when we want to expand the conversation.

Please do subscribe to to follow and boost this and any other published content on the IPR (RPI) platform. This significantly assists your content and all our collective content to receive more attention and engagement.

8. We plan our next conversation as a follow-up later on in the same Telegram space, or alternately, for a different public broadcast channel in the Intuitive network.

Our recording together works the same way the next time, in the same space or in a new space.

When we invite people to our recording session on Telegram, where helpful, we give them the Substack link of our previous recorded episode so they can catch up on earlier parts of the conversation too.

Further Notes 

This is currently our best instruction set for how to record with Intuitive Public Radio and Intuitive private network broadcasts. We will continue to update and improve this document!

In the case of private recording sessions, we will not share publicly, and we ask all who receive that content not to share publicly -- except when we determine together specific portions of content we choose to appear separately in public media.

To learn more about how we adjust these instructions for private broadcast recording sessions, chat more closely with me at

Help us out :-)

Would you like to be part of improving our Intuitive network process through supporting this effort and related community conversations?

Help us update and contribute to the success of this document by joining and commenting with this document link and your measured, supportive feedback.

Share your ideas about we can connect to increased resourcing, increased volunteer assistance, and how we can might make the most helpful future adjustments to our approach.

We appreciate your care and presence. 

We're really glad you're here with us.

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