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Day 29 • 12 November 2023

Day 29 • 12 November 2023

A flow of blessings from The Charlotte Pendragon Diaries

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I have been delving and reflecting a lot on the work of Charlotte Pendragon, an amazing performer and new internet acquaintance I was fortunate to discover in the midst of the Starfire Codes community.

Much of my reflections are only partly verbal, or maybe pre-verbal…

…but wow, fires are stoking.

(Future flow: I wrote a Substack Note about this several days later, after I had begun this draft and day’s notes. I was moved — again — by one of Charlotte’s more recent pieces at The Charlotte Pendragon Diaries. Particular appreciations spilled out of me, joy and meaning. These thoughts have advanced further since 12 November, and I’d like to make sure to include some of that here. Please do take a minute to read my Note from 18 November.)

The Charlotte Pendragon Diaries by Charlotte Pendragon
Part One: The Tao of The Pendragons
Last week in my Substack It Started In A Box, I discussed the evolution of the Pentagon's sub-trunk performance, which, when we first presented it, we used a classic curtain. In our last days together as a duo, a foulard, which was split in two, revealing Jonathan in less than .30 seconds, replaced the old curtain. That's right, less than a 1/2 of a se…
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I first browsed Charlotte’s work when I discovered The Tao of the Pendragons (Part One, Part Two), and had a beautiful set of shocks… the healing kind… where dormant, long-injured neurology woke up.

The Charlotte Pendragon Diaries by Charlotte Pendragon
Part Two: The Tao of The Pendragons
Roku: Mastering the elements takes years of discipline and practice. But if the world is to survive, you must do it by summer's end. Aang: What if I can't master all the elements in time? What if I fail? Roku: I know you can do it, Aang, for you have done it before…
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I will talk about this more, going forward.

But for now, I want to bring in a few special threads that interconnect with our survivors’ intersections and that we find very nourishing to dwell on, enjoying the story elements and realizations together:

Discussions of precision health and body-building that have offered us intriguing resonance for our strategies toward physical rehabilitation;…

methods of music in magic, cosmic vibrations & entertainment acumen;…

…Charlotte’s recounting of her command performance for the Queen;…

…and her tale entitled Something Wicked This Way Comes, an important and poignant recognition of the ways that embedded violence can travel, hidden in plain sight, in social spaces.

Gratitude to Charlotte Pendragon for the stories she is sharing here on Substack.