Megan Elizabeth Morris has also been known by other names — including Mack, Max, Mo, & MEM. You can learn more about her journey and how she came to this work by browsing her story and concert videos at

Mack’s Memo has a deep and complex history that we on this platform are only beginning to communicate. We’d love for you to join us in experiencing — and writing! — the next page of the story.

This platform is co-written and co-facilitated by Megan, along with her colleagues and collaborators, and our survivor-led Intuitive groups (often called Intuitive Invisibles).

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When you read an article here written in the first person (without another specific credit) you’re hearing from Megan.

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In October 2023, Megan shared…

“For most of this past decade, I’ve coordinated professional recovery collaborations, network media toolsets access, and the building of income platforms with and for survivors of severe disablement, extreme hardship, and human trafficking.

This includes communications bridging, rescue relief, and disability recovery aid infrastructure — in many countries worldwide, at intersections unrecognized by social service organizations — for survivors of violence who can’t find help anywhere else; and special support for communities, professionals, and organizations that want to recognize, care for, and collaborate with them.

On any given day I and available volunteers are working with a lot of different vocational, nonprofit projects in process with survivors in my network who are otherwise cut off from economic access or participation.

Our work together prioritizes assisting communities in identifying architectural and procedural solutions that ensure severely disabled people do not invisibly fall out of community belonging and into situations where they are preyed upon by violent influences.

My waking hours are largely spent coordinating online content reflecting the efforts of our severely disabled survivors’ groups to increase our leverage in building safe community resourcing for these invisible populations.

I enjoy creating public media (and private media) dialogues with anyone and everyone who wants to see communities tended, cared-for, nourished, and strengthened in collaborative fluency.

This is how we promote conversations between individuals and groups who might otherwise not know how to talk with one another – and might not even realize the other is there.

We build trust, understanding, and long-term relationships by being present, attuning with one another, and building beautiful solutions together.”

That’s one summary. (If you like, you can also listen to the audio.)

As our stories are diverse and deep… you will happen upon more others, too.

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